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Yongzheng looked at the queen and was quite puzzled. Min had no choice but to go on to say, "That's not urgent.". We'll discuss it when it's settled. As the saying goes, those who can't pick will pick their belongings, and those who can pick will pick their sons. What I want is just your sincerity! However, this betrothal gift, after all, is Princess Gulun, can not be too shabby! The little princess is still young, this palace, want to want a few colors for her first. If you think it's appropriate, let's go on. If you think the betrothal gift is inappropriate, or, er, something else, the marriage will be put aside for the time being. What do you think? How did she Taijun ask Song Taizong for a betrothal gift in Eight Sisters' Spring Outing? Think about it carefully! Yongzheng was even more puzzled, knowing that the empress loved money and had opened several shops with her 14 daughters-in-law, but she didn't love money enough to sell her daughter, did she? Char Khan smiled gently and replied, "Mother of the Nation, please come one by one." Min smiled and patted her daughter. "Listen!"! Where is the historian? Someone in the corner of the hall replied, "Chen Jiyan, the official historian, is here." Min Shen Sheng, "this palace said, you write." Chen Shiguan replied, "I will abide by the decree." She held her daughter in her arms and explained one by one: "I don't want much, I just want to pick for the little princess first.". When the princess grows up, she has to listen to her opinions. Listen carefully,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, write clearly, and don't miss it. The historian wrote them down one by one, and as he wrote them down, he was about to laugh. At first, a few color gifts were still like this, but when you look back, something is wrong: The first color: a hundred pieces of five-color silk. Historian thought, not much! The second color is a collection of thousands of classics and history books. Historian thought, talented woman! The third color, one or two stars,High Speed Nail Making Machine, two or two months. The historian thought, huh? The fourth color, three or two breeze and four or two clouds. Historian: Hmm? The fifth color, five two flames and six two gas. Historian: Oh! Keep writing! The sixth color.. Before the sixth color was exported, Chaerhan laughed out loud and handed his hand to Min. "Mother of the country, you want a betrothal gift, but you really refuse to marry!"! I can't take it out. Please ask for something in the world. Min also embarrassed to smile, "since you say so, this palace is not difficult for you!"! This palace wants, is only the son-in-law cherishes to the daughter! After all, it is easy to get a thousand gold, and it is rare to have a lover! This palace has one, if you can do, this betrothal gift, according to the ancestral system can! Yongzheng did not speak, how to look at, how to feel that the queen today did not show the momentum of the mother instrument world, but like those mothers-in-law who are specially difficult for their son-in-law in the opera lyrics! "Ask the mother of the country to make it clear!" Chaerhan felt the same way as Yongzheng. This was the dignified and friendly empress master in the mouth of the Eight Banners nobles? Min looked at Yongzheng, gritted his teeth and said slowly, "From now on, iron nail machine ,nail manufacturing machine, until the little princess passes away, you are not allowed to have another woman in this palace. No matter whether it is a side room or a street fence, you are not allowed to have one.". I want you to swear to the princess that from today on, she will be the only one for the rest of your life. And do not have children with other women. All your own children must be born of the princess. If there is no princess, you are not allowed to take a concubine and marry a concubine. Can you do this one? As she spoke, her cheeks burned, and she was probably the first mother-in-law to make such a request to her son-in-law! The author has something to say: back to chapter 30 cacile message: dear, pure nonsense, not history! If in doubt, look at my pen name! Jinjiang smoke is not my fault, do not criticize me! Opening of the third seminar: Why are Hong Li's mother and son so annoying! Ready-go! The phoenix asks the phoenix to enter the Luan account together When Yongzheng heard this, he was shocked.
This, this queen this condition, with that three two breeze four two months, seems to be half a catty eight two! What man can do that? What's more, from now on, it will take at least fifteen years for the princess to grow up and get married, which is tantamount to letting Char Khan, a man of that year, abstain from sex for fifteen years? Even if Char Khan promised now, in these fifteen years, as long as the sticky pole department is effective and catches him once, the royal family can justifiably repent of marriage! High, really high! Who knows Char Khan complexion does not change, "I obey the decree!" As he spoke, he knelt down on one knee to the little princess, clenched his fist with his right hand, and pressed it on his left chest. "I, Chaerhan Dolji, today, swear to Heaven that from now on, there will be only one woman, Princess Gulun of Emperor Yongzheng, who will have children with the princess and will never look at another woman.". If you break this oath, the devil take the hindmost! His Majesty Khan and the mother of the country are invited to witness! Min and Yongzheng were stunned. Yongzheng was in a good state of mind. He immediately came to his senses and called Chaerhan to get up. In desperation, he ordered Gao Wuyong to take the jade pendant and give it to the queen to collect for the princess. He told Char Khan a few words, saying that when the princess was fifteen years old, she would be married. Tell him to go down. After Char Khan had gone for a long time, Zan Min came to his senses and secretly complained, "Er, that God!"! This Char Khan, he, he, he is simply not human! Yongzheng is also helpless, "Queen, don't be sad, anyway, there are fifteen years, I will send the sticky pole to keep a good eye on it!"! I don't believe it, he's not a man! If you really can't, then play some tricks! Min looked at Yongzheng and asked, "Can a man really do that?" Yongzheng grinned. What did the empress ask! It is said that when Empress Renxiao died, the emperor's father had not entered the harem for half a year. Half a year, I'm afraid, is the limit! Fifteen more years! I don't believe I can't catch Char Khan! Fortunately, she did not ask and looked down at her daughter. The little princess had woken up and was grabbing her skirt for milk. Nian Min wants to cry, my daughter! Your mother, I almost sold you! On the same day, Yongzheng issued a secret decree to the Department of Sticky Pole: he ordered three bodyguards of the Department of Sticky Pole, who were proficient in Mongolian customs, to sneak into the command of Qarhan Doljitaiji,Nail production machine, to monitor his every move, and to report regularly without any omission. The secret decree also specifically emphasized that we must pay attention to the situation in Qarhan's backyard! The leader of the Sticky Pole Department received the secret decree, wondering in his heart: "Is this Char Khan also corrupt and bribe-taking?"? It doesn't look like it! Shake your head. Who cares? Do what you're told.


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