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When Frank reappeared, he had quietly appeared behind Marcel, who was ferociously chasing the enemy. The magician, who was good at short combat, suddenly put out his golden horn and pointed it at Marcel's waist. There was a golden light shining on the golden horn. Directly fixed Marcel in place, it looks like a "pressure point" in general. He picked up Marcel lightly and threw him into the burning ruins next to him! This is the body skill that Frank is proud of! Originally, the sorcerer's weakness was to be afraid of close combat, but Frank was an exception. He was trained as a knight when he was a child, and he was very talented in close throwing skills. When he was about to qualify as a silver knight, a sorcerer discovered his talent in space transmission, so he became a disciple. Frank's throwing skill is impeccable both in terms of capacity and potential. Even Lao Hu and other professionals looked at it, and they were also faintly amazed. Obviously, Frank's strength is definitely not as good as Marcel's, but his golden horn makes Marcel paralyzed by a living shock. This effect is the same as the success of Lao Hu's throwing skills and the absolute suppression of his strength. Looking at Frank's shot, Lao Hu vaguely felt that there was another way to throw the ball, besides being strong and powerful, overwhelming others and relying on strength to decide the victory or defeat! That is the feminine circle, borrowing strength to resist strength. Just like Taijiquan in the real world, it does not defeat the enemy vigorously, but is famous for its four or two sets of kilograms, keeping pace with other kungfu! At present,aluminium laminated tube, although Hu Huahao has basically formed in the distribution of attribute points, he can not turn to this road, but it is also necessary to know more about this aspect. Since the rudiment of this kind of wrestling skill has appeared among the characters in the plot, it is likely that there will be such a kind of feminine wrestling skill among the reincarnators. Once he comes into contact with this kind of person, So how to deal with it? With a roar, Marcel, who had been thrown out, shook his head and came out of the raging fire. As he buried himself in the sprint,cosmetic plastic tube, he broke a burning beam alive. As the fireworks flew, the room behind him, which had been burned loose, collapsed, and although the scorched skin exposed outside was "creaking", Marcel's movement speed became faster, ferocious as a bloody maniac! Frank, however, once again performed a short distance transmission, and the incarnation of a star disappeared in an instant! Marcel hit his head in the air, and the sharp, blood-red horned helmet pressed hard against the rocks next to it, and the dust was flying! At this time, although Marcel's power is strong and the impact force is great, cosmetic tube packaging ,plastic laminated tube, his own physical strength has also dropped to less than half of the point. When Frank reappeared, he was sent to Marcel's blind spot, his wrist turned over, and a fiery red pellet appeared in the middle of his palm, which was thrown at Marcel! This is another one of Frank's stunts! Fire bomb throw! Fortunately, Marcel's speed of movement and attack was strengthened a lot at this time. As soon as he leaned over, he was not thrown in front of the fiery red projectile. But just after dodging, the fiery projectile hit the ground, and a fiery flame rose, a five-meter-high column of brilliant red fire, engulfing Marcel in front! The temperature of this pillar of fire is absolutely not comparable to that of an ordinary flame! Marcel gave a dumb groan of pain, and his strength almost drained to the bottom, and the flames rolled up and down his body.
And Frank's eyes showed a vicious meaning, his figure flashed again, and when he reappeared, he was ten meters to the right of Marcel, and he threw a fiery red bullet again! If this fireball had been really hit, Marcel would have been burned to ashes immediately, and even his armor would have been dissolved! But as soon as the fireball was less than thirty centimeters away, it was intercepted by a white and powerful hand out of thin air! As soon as he pinched it down, a man appeared in front of Frank's eyes, and because they were too close to each other, they were so close that they could almost hear each other's breathing, which led to Frank's inability to see each other's face, as if there was a barrier of flame in front of him, and the skin exposed to the outside seemed to be stuck with a layer of cold flame. With pain that seeps into the bone marrow! At the same time, a thought suddenly passed through Frank's mind with fear: "How could he know that I would teleport to this point when my short distance teleportation is endless?" Although the cooldown of Frank's short distance teleportation is quite short, it is still insufficient compared with the teleportation of the traveler. In detail, there are three major limitations. The first is that after launching the teleportation, there is a delay of about 1 second. The second is that the distance of teleportation is only 0 meters. The last limitation is that only after entering the combat state, the teleportation can be activated. Frank was frightened, and at the same time he rushed back, so that the tip of his nose would be close to the tip of his nose, and his breath would spray into the other's face, and no body art would be useful. You have to pull away. But after Frank's quick retreat, the man was not in a hurry to pursue, but stood where he was and squeezed his palm hard! [Chapter 17 The Hapless Frank] Frank's flame bomb was red, and it felt like a gourd with a layer of crystal clear rock candy on it, spinning at high speed in the air. Once touched, there will be a strong explosion, which is a powerful weapon made by his combination of alchemy and magic potions, which can be said to have no disadvantage in previous battles. When fighting for the rule of the wheat plain, Frank relied on the flame bomb to defeat seven or eight people in a row, but Balford had a very strong move: brandishing two swords to attack all the enemies within a radius of more than ten meters. With Balford's physical strength, his defensive power was far above Frank's, so Frank was regrettably defeated. Rao is so, after the irascible Balford ascended,cosmetic tube, he was also quite afraid of him, did not dare to provoke easily, so that Frank firmly sat in the second position.


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