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Under the chrysanthemum field of Yanbeitang, a huge high platform was set up. Such a stage dress does not make people feel vulgar, just because the first emperor also offered sacrifices to heaven here. It is a high platform contaminated with the air of the real dragon. Chess pieces were inserted on both sides, and some soldiers in formal dress tied red scarves on their heads and beat drums loudly. The sound of drums rumbled through the sky, and the musicians also plucked the long zither. It was a song of "wise men", which implied that the royal family was thirsty for talents. Today's test is to select talents for the Ming and Qi Dynasties, and to select the real generals of the country. The sound of music and drums comes to our ears, with its unique excitement and magnificence, which makes people surge involuntarily. Most of the people present were young men, and when they were full of blood, they almost followed the music into the country. They just wanted to show all their talents in front of everyone, and run for a good future in Ming Qi, leaving a strong mark for the royal history of Ming Qi. Even at her daughter's home, she couldn't help showing her excitement. Although they could not enter the court like boys, their fathers and brothers were the pillars of the country. Their own family is indomitable spirit, and under the glory, they are also bathed in the royal favor, the heart is full of gratitude. The whole audience was shrouded in the excitement and piety of the emperor's grace, only one person's eyes were indifferent, and there was no trace of emotion. Shen Miao's eyes fell on the person who played the piano in the center. This was the favorite of the Ming and Qi royal families. It aroused the young men's desire to serve the country and used them to work for the decadent royal family. However, in the end,pumpkin seed extract, once the country was pacified, these men who shed their blood for the country rarely got a good ending. A cunning hare dies, a running dog cooks. Every time a new emperor takes office, he wipes out the old. Especially those who have experienced the dark time to seize the throne of the courtiers, saw the royal dirty deal and bloody, how can the royal rest assured that they will be promoted step by step? These exhilarating melodies will only become funeral songs in the future. And these young people who are now immersed in the heart of serving the country will only die in the future under the treacherous struggle of the royal family and become innocent victims. She can't save the world, but she can save her own people. Shen Miao gently raised his hand,stesweet stevia, and the corner of his right hand crossed the table in an instant. The bowl of clear tea soup was brushed to the ground. With a "bang", the clear sound sounded in the meeting hall, which should have been inaudible, but compared with those rhythmic music, it was like pulling up one of the silk threads in the well-arranged silk threads and stirring up the other threads. "Bang!" Disrupts the rhythm of the music. As if waking up from a dream, Feng Anning suddenly came to his senses, but saw Shen Miaoshi picking up the teacup on the ground and smiling: "I'm sorry, my hand slipped." The musician, who was playing the rhythm fiercely on the stage and plucking the strings, had a brain explosion and almost fainted in pain. This kind of music, which Ming Qi learned from an imported Westerner, probably has some bewitching meaning. Can a little stir up the emotions in people's hearts, this song is a war song, almost greatly magnify the feelings of war and loyalty in people's hearts, if a song is played, carnosic acid price ,lycopene for skin, some loyalty will become blind loyalty. The horror of this kind of music was only seen by Shen Miao when she became the queen. Ming qi royal family with such music to confuse the younger generation, let these young people shed their blood for them, when the Huns invaded, the royal family let a large number of imperial guards guarding the capital, recruit new recruits to the border, let these musicians play drums on the stage, big wave of young people will not look back to join the army, some have not yet. Interrupted by Shen Miao, the musicians'stamina became less and less, and the final sound of the piano was no longer as impassioned as it had just been, but just ordinary playing. And the presence of those warm-blooded feelings, then gradually dissipated, and everything returned to calm. But Shen Miao's action just now, after all, has attracted the attention of some people. At the men's table, Fu Xiuyi and Pei Lang looked over together.
-- -- -- -- Digression -- -- First push, next please little angels don't fatten, oh, if the article is on the shelf, it will be faster ~ Chapter 30 draw lots. Fu Xiuyi is a member of the royal family, and it is impossible to know nothing about the royal means. The crisp sound of the teacup falling to the ground, seemingly inadvertently, has disrupted the rhythm of the musicians on the stage, so that those demagogic tones can not continue. He naturally wants to see who the initiator is, Fu Xiuyi himself is a cautious and suspicious temperament, he does not think that the other side is unintentional. The girl in purple was holding her cheeks and saying something to the people around her. Her expression was cold and distant, but there was an indescribable bearing that clearly separated her from the people around her. Who is Jiudi looking at? Fu Xiuan, King of Zhou, followed Fu Xiuyi's eyes and smiled clearly. "Of our brothers, only the ninth brother has never married.". Father emperor is not to ever mention the thing that 9 younger brothers choose imperial concubine for many times, how, that girl looks to be the young lady of which house, look not bad. I don't know whose relatives are here, but does anyone know them? "It's Miss Wu of the Mighty General's House, my student." Pei Lang stood not far away and answered when he heard this. The five young ladies of the mighty general's house? Jing Wang Fu Xiu has a good memory, perhaps Shen Miao's name is too big, even the royal family, are not unfamiliar with her name. "Isn't that the legitimate daughter of General Shen Xinshen?" He asked? It seems to be called Shen Miao? "How could it be Shen Miao?" Fu Xiuan didn't care about a smile: "The whole capital knows about Shen Miao's pursuit of our nine younger brothers. Didn't he fall into the water to see nine younger brothers a few days ago?"? If nine younger brother really Yue Shen Miao, which also need to be so troublesome. Besides, Shen Miao is a straw bag. Look at the girl opposite. Her temperament is quiet and noble. How can it be Shen Miao? "The fourth elder brother said cautiously that Xiu Yi had no such intention." Fu Xiuyi shook his head, but his eyes fell far away on the girl in purple on the women's seat. His heart is not without shock, what kind of person Shen Miao is, in his eyes, and those girls who love him are no different. Those young girls who love him will at least pretend to be reserved on the surface, and always know how to advance and retreat in etiquette, while Shen Miao. Probably nothing but watching him look stupid. Naturally,jujube seed powder, he would not take a look at a joke that was all about the capital, and if it were not for Shen Xin's face, he would certainly show his disgust clearly.


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